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Stripes And Cats      STRIPES AND CATS

Geometrical lines and a creative approach to different types of stripes are at the heart of Stripes & Cats. Abstract animal motifs and tiger-style prints embody a modern attitude. Black, cream and powder as well as red accents dominate the colour palette. All eyes are drawn to the striking, striped two-piece suit with extremely wide legs. Adding a narrow, V-neck knit sweater to the pants creates a starkly different silhouette. Uneven stripes on sweaters, diagonal stripes meeting to form chevrons on pantsuits and suits as well as tiger-style stripes on flared pants, tunics, boxy jackets and coats are typical design features. A casual take on elegance shines through in fun-velour suits, silk shirts with bead embroidery and crepe pants with an unexpected interpretation of a belt. Dresses and skirts with knit pleats and bows exude femininity. The outfits are completed by necklaces with detachable pendants, patent-leather sandals, slippers and bags embellished with a tiger print.

D Stripes & Cats

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