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Marc Cain at Angela Beer, the UK's Largest stockist in store and online, is proud to present a collection that combines a sense of aesthetics and art with a laid-back attitude, a natural look, innovative thinking and exclusivity.  Marc Cain is a declaration love to a woman.What kind of woman is she? She lives in the moment, is self confident, open-minded and and curious. She loves being a woman and expresses herself by what she is wearing- naturally and as a matter of course. Marc Cain stands for innovative thinking. High expectations on design, quality and material as well as the latest processing technologies and the perfect fit are the company´s credo. All product lines of the labels Marc Cain Collections, Marc Cain Sports, Marc Cain Essentials, Marc Cain Additions  and Marc Cain Bags & Shoes reflect the spirit of the time in their very own way and classiness. It is the kind of fashion which always makes a difference but never betrays its principles. Distinctive and unmistakable. Marc Cain Collections, Marc Cain Sports, Marc Cain Essentials, Marc Cain Additions  and Marc Cain Bags & Shoes are available at Angela Beer in store and online in the UK with Worldwide delivery.


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    Marc Cain Collections

    Spring Fever is inspired by fragrant flower fields and wild plants, all transformed into expressive prints with 3D effect. The spring-like blossoming of Nature symbolises confidence as a path to the future. Monochrome looks radiate pure freshness and come in soft tones such as candy pink and sorbet, or in vibrant, bright colours such as tomato red and neon green..




    Marc Cain Collections

    The tropical paradise island of Bali is the source of inspiration for exotic two-tone prints and jacquard prints. The colour range spans from rose powder and panna, as well as accentuating grass green to intensive aqua blue – this reflects the freshness and power of the ocean. Classic midnight blue gives depth.



    Marc Cain Collections

    African Wonderland celebrates the breathtaking nature of the African savannah with its fascinating moods of light and richly populated animal kingdom. Sun-drenched colours such as masala yellow and calendula orange spread summery warmth, whilst dark shades such as arabica and ebony black add depth to the looks. Contrasting tones of ivory and cashew blend harmoniously into the natural colour scheme. 


    Marc Cain Collections

    Light Breeze exudes pure lightness. Natural elements such as air and wind provide inspiration and bring motion into play. Bright sunlight on colour creates coloured light. Sun-faded tones from light breath mint, soft cosmea violet to pale skin shades are combined with muted neutrals such as Baileys brown, henna and off-white. Intense purple lends the necessary contour. 

  • GLAM

    Marc Cain Collections

    With a radiant colour cocktail of pink off-white, sparkling fuchsia pink, elegant black and a splash of pastel yellow/lemon sorbet, Glam stages an elegant evening look. Feminine highlight pieces with an extra helping of glam appeal are perfect for summer parties, special events and celebrating very special moments.  


    Marc Cain Sports

    Safari meets cool graphics! Urban Safari gears up for the wild urban jungle and mixes up the typical utility style with sporty graphic vibes. Bright shades of yellow including a strong sunny yellow and curry harmonise perfectly with muted beige, and dominate.



    Marc Cain Sports

    Modern Tailoring is inspired by popular classics; these are given a modern twist with sporty influences. Brilliant shades of blue ranging from midnight blue to sapphire and light blue are refreshed with light off-white. Subtly-used greyish tones create soft contours. Gunmetal for special accents. Abstracted flower prints bring dynamics into play and combine the colours in a unique choreography.