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The spotlight is on neons and neon accents for a maximum impact. Neon red provides a new take on blouses and half-cardigan-stitch sweaters or is used for a monochrome statement look. Spectacularly vibrant neon yellow guarantees expressive looks as it enhances boiled wool, glossy down coats and jackets as well as stretchy shirts. The vivid shade is complemented by calmer hues or combined with catchy prints to maximise its effect. The leading roles belong to a bright leopard print that decorates a scuba skirt or pants as well as to a standout colourful knit with a maxi leopard print that is found on a sweater, jacket or skirt. Athletic details in neon tickle the eye as vibrant stripes, horizontal stripes, taping or flashy zippers. They skilfully clash with tweeds and plaid twill styles. Knit dresses with neon colour-blocking and perforations, which promise a sporty dynamic feel, add a moment of interest. High heels break up the looks, while active sneakers underline them. Matching scarves dress up the outfits.

C1 Colour Pop

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