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Stripe Hype hinges on colourful stripe designs: either as timeless narrow or blocked horizontal stripes, abstractly interpreted as a geometric graphic print or sewn in a striped edging.

Horizontal stripes and graphic prints in various shapes and colours decorate sweaters made of premium cashmere knitwear, flounced dresses and swinging skirts. Tunics and skirts made of colourful chevron knit paired with bleached denim for a 70s-style appeal lighten the mood. . Monochromatic bi-stretch suits come in clear colours such as vibrant yellow and delicate salmon pink, emphasising their feminine appeal. Macramé lace and fun velour are other important fabrics that effortlessly complement blazers, skirts and blouse shirts. Bags in matching shades, often doubled up, fringed bags, velour sandals, scarves tied around the head, waist belts and blossom jewellery are stylish accessories.


B2 Stripe Hype

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